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“As a long time regular member of Ultrafit; I love the self-directed intensity of the workouts and the ability to workout outside all year. It has increased my fitness level and continues to challenge me physically. The leaders and the members are dedicated, encouraging, inspiring and a fun group to work out with regularly. I look forward to my workouts.”



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“I think people equate boot camp with a military style form of fitness drills where instructors yell and scream and where the experience is generally horrible. (I have been through a real boot camp) Nothing could be farther from the truth. The cardio and strength can be challenging but it’s up to each person as to how much they want to challenge themselves. No one is yelling or judging! You go at your own pace in both cardio and strength as the only person you are competing with is yourself. The instructors accommodate all levels of fitness. The main thing is to have fun, which we do, rain or shine. I keep coming back because its proven to be the best way for me to stay fit and improve my fitness and I can combine it with my own running schedule. I’ve never been a fan of gyms and I love being outside. I really enjoy the structure of the workouts combining cardio and core strength in awesome outdoor settings. Bottom line, I got the results I wanted fitness wise and health wise.”


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“The bootcamp program was ideal for someone like me. You see, I’m not motivated or self-disciplined when it comes to exercise but being encouraged by the trainer forced me to keep going and to push a little harder. I know for a fact that I would never run on my own! It wasn’t easy for me to get to class by 6pm but it was well worth it (I have an hour’s drive home from work). It was great to be outside experiencing some of the most beautiful locations in Vancouver.”

“Don’t let the name scare you! These classes are a great way to exercise in a supportive and fun atmosphere, with like-minded individuals. Multiple levels of fitness are well accommodated by terrific instructors. You get motivated to push yourself harder and go farther than you would on your own producing results in your fitness level and strength. The instructors seem to know what each individual is capable of. And…it gets you outside, no matter the type of weather.”

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“I joined Ultrafit off and on for a few years but in March 2010, I decided to commit for 6 months and then a year and it has been the only health program that has kept my exercise regime regular and consistent. I joined the Fitness Challenge in the summer to focus on my goals of losing weight and achieving a certain level of fitness. I kept a daily journal of what I ate and the physical activities that I undertook. I achieved my goals and won the Challenge! The Challenge and journaling fostered a more disciplined healthier lifestyle that when I was sidelined from participating in any physical activity due to a foot injury incurred while on vacation, I kept on losing weight. This was highly encouraging and I could not wait to get back to bootcamp to keep improving my fitness level. I will be an Ultrafit member for a very long time because what they preach works!”


“I’ve stayed taking fitness classes with Ultrafit for three key reasons: the classes are out doors all year round, the instructors provide challenging and varied fitness classes, and my fellow bootcampers combine fun along with their fitness focus…a great and inspiring combination to.”


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“Ultrafit is not your typical bootcamp. The class format accommodates all fitness levels in a friendly supportive environment. The instructors push you based on your level of fitness. I keep coming back because classes are always challenging no matter what your fitness level is at. To top it off it is a fun and friendly environment.”

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Terri & John

“Being in our 50’s and having always valued the importance of an active lifestyle we wanted to do something together as a couple but our fitness levels and abilities vary. Ultrafit makes it possible for each of us to get a great workout. We love the way we feel from attending regular bootcamp classes. We look forward to seeing our supportive and fun fellow members as well as our wonderful, positive, encouraging instructors. We feel our daily lives are enhanced. Our bodies are fit, our minds are relaxed and our ability to take just go on bike rides or hikes whenever we want without feeling we are out of shape is great. We also feel that it is important for our 3 children to see how being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We can’t say enough about how much we enjoy the company as well. Getting to meet and work out with Annilou and Deea makes for a very personal touch that we appreciate. Thank you to Ultrafit for for providing us with a great way to stay fit.”


“I relocated to Vancouver and decided to take advantage of the great outdoors. As I have always put family and professional career first, I decided it was time to focus on my personal health and fitness. Ultrafit Bootcamp has consistently been part of my schedule for the past year, rain or shine. I have seen tremendous improvements on my cardio endurance and core strength. I have done a few races of more than 8K, which I never thought I could do before Bootcamp and inspired friends to get back to shape! I feel like a great role model for my kids! The trainers and other bootcampers are respectful of everyone’s level and are so encouraging.”

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“Bootcamp has been my answer to mid-life crisis. I was pushing 50, getting soft and out of shape. I had never been a runner and thought I was going to die for the first couple of months. Over time, however, my fitness and strength improved, I lost weight and now crave the exercise! The trainers and other bootcampers are wonderful and being outdoors is so invigorating even in the rain and snow! My friends and colleagues are so impressed with my results that they are coming too! Bootcamp is the best thing I have done for myself and I have never felt better.”


“After being sedentary for the last five years and gaining quite a few pounds, fitness seemed like it was out of reach. I was totally amazed at the results. In four weeks I went from not being able to run around the block to running distance and even up HILLS! Before Ultrafit, I couldn’t do a single push up and now doing them from my toes is how I show off to my husband! The exercises are challenging and the variety keeps it interesting. It’s helped me discover muscles I never knew I had! The instructors are always encouraging and supportive but push me just enough to keep seeing improvements. My clothes keep getting looser and looser and I’ve gone from a size 14 to 12 and now going on 10! Ultrafit ROCKS!!”



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